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March 18th, 2020 by Jane Turner

Are your virtual and remote meetings minuted? Are they transcribed and notes distributed? Does everyone, ill or no, remember what was decided and agreed?

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With the self-isolation required by Covid-19 and the fact that it will be going on at least a few weeks, more teams than ever are working remotely. There is such great demand for video and telephone conferencing, suppliers are having to tap more servers!

So, you’ve got your team organised with scheduled weekly vidconfs to keep them working and keep things under control.

It’s standard practice to send out minutes or notes after the meeting, so everyone can clearly see what was discussed, agreed and who should be doing what. But if your team members are ill or stressed, they may not remember accurately. They might not even realise they should have been taking notes!

With the ability to record conference and video calls, meetings can be easily transcribed and notes sent to attendees, ensuring everyone has the exact same information.  Sending out minutes keeps things coherent and reduces confusion. And I think you’d agree that confusion is something there’s too much of in the world right now.

The easiest solution for producing meeting notes is to record your meetings, transcribe the recording and distribute.

Almost all attendees won’t mind the recording, and they’ll be grateful they don’t have to take the meeting notes!

All you should do before you press RECORD is tell your meeting attendees that the meeting is being recorded to allow transcription, and ask if anyone objects. Then press that button, announce the recording has started, and have your team say their name and location (office or home) one by one. e.g. “I’m Peter MacKenzie and I’m at home.”

But, transcribing takes time – each 15mins of recording takes at least an hour of transcription – and your time is valuable…

So, why not outsource your transcription to me?

My transcription skills can certainly help keep you and your team up to date and on the same page!

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Accurate and speedy transcription is a skill in itself, and I have been transcribing for longer than I care to admit! I was originally trained way (way, way!) back in 1990 at secretarial college in my home town, back when they called it audio typing.  It’s a skill I’ve been using in every job for the last thirty years. For the last eleven years, I was minuting and transcribing eight board meetings per quarter, the biggest lasting six or seven hours.

I use ExpressScribe™ software and foot pedal controls. The software is compatible with 28 different file formats, and we will share files through Dropbox or another FTP, and the audio/video files will be deleted from Dropbox once the transcription is complete.

Tapping my proofreading and editing skills on the transcribed product, I will produce clean, presentable, professional documents from your recordings. I will send final drafts to you as Word or PDF documents ready for your review and distribution to your attendees.


Get in touch today to see how much time I can save you and your team.


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