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March 15th, 2020 by Jane Turner

Sunday is Sample Edit day!

Just completed another free sample edit for a writer, a project I’m excited about.


red ink corrections on a manuscript


What is a Sample Edit?

A sample edit is very useful for both editor and writer. For the editor, it lets me see the standard of work so I can properly judge how much editing is required and how long it will take. With this information, I can provide a much more accurate quote.

For the writer, it lets you see my style of editing – how I try and achieve flow, readability, and correctness. From this, you can decide if you like my style, if you want to work with me.


So what do you need from me for a sample edit?

I need a sample of your document. Preferably from the middle, as people instinctively spend more time on the beginning and the end. I want to see your text in full flow…

I need the sample in Microsoft Word, or in plain text that I can copy to Word. 

(All my editing is done in Word. Here’s a little bit on why.)

I’ll review the sample and return it to you, usually within 24hrs.


What comes back?

I will return your sample chapter in two versions;

✍ A Clean copy which includes my questions/notes as comments, and

✍ A Markup copy, showing tracked changes so you can see exactly what I’ve changed and have the opportunity to ask about any specifics.


Editing is a collaborative process – I can’t write like you can, but I can make your text better. I don’t want to change your writing style or voice, I just want to make sure your work is readable, flowing, and engaging.


Sample Edits are free of charge.


GET IN TOUCH if you’d like me to do a free sample edit for your manuscript. 

For more info on what a copy editor does, see my Blog post on the types of Fiction Editing


Relax. Just write.

3 Responses to “Get a FREE Sample Edit”

  1. Rajeev Patel says:

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation to the editor Jane who showed professional ability in handling my edited sample. I really gained a lot from her insightful suggestions and positive comments. Wish you the best and have a safe day.

  2. Rajeev Patel says:

    Hello there,

    I am looking for a free sample of copy/line editing before submitting the entire manuscript. It’s a book collection of flash fictions: short-shorts, very short stories, and vignettes. The word count is about 33,900.

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