How to Use Track Changes in Word

July 2nd, 2020 by Jane Turner

I’m genuinely surprised how many of my clients don’t know how to use Track Changes in Word. Indeed, it seems to me that only admin professionals and editorial workers seem to understand it’s capabilities! Which really is a surprise – given how prevalent PCs now are in school.


(I was horrified when, at my last job, I saw someone holding a 30cm ruler up to the monitor to check the margins on his page. Bewildered and saddened, I was. I ended up writing a wee course to teach accountants everything they need to know about Word … but that’s a story I’ll relay at another time. 😎 )


To me, Word is my go-to software. As an admin professional, I’ve spent most of my working life with word processing software, most of it with Microsoft Word. There were a couple of years spent on WordPerfect and a very brief flirtation with WordStar—but both of these made me appreciate Word all the more!


So, as many of my clients seem to have limited knowledge of the joys of Word’s capabilities, I’ve been thinking about making my own short video on how to use Track Changes. But now I don’t have to…


Because I’ve found this fantastic video, produced without annoying background music, and providing all the information you need!



What a brilliant demo! I feel superfluous – there’s no way I could do better than that.

And, to top it off, they’ve also got written instructions AND a practical exercise.


Hats off to the Goodwill Community Foundation. Well done, guys.


Damn well done!


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