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Copyediting, proofreading and beta reading services for authors from 33 South Textworks, based in Helensburgh, Scotland.


First thing’s first – Congratulations on writing your book! Well done, you! (*insert applause here*)

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Make no mistake – that is a major achievement, and one you should be incredibly proud of.

I bet you’ve slaved over it, planned and plotted, outlined, defined, redefined, self edited and generally tortured yourself. Well done for your perseverance, your gumption, your imagination and your tenacity! (I can’t comment on the book yet, I haven’t read it.)


Now’s the time to think about hiring a professional – someone who can help make your manuscript even better.


33 South Textworks offers copyediting, proofreading and beta reading services to authors worldwide. Scroll down to view some testimonials.


Step one – Decide what service you want – whether you need a copy edit or a proofread, or a Beta read.

Testimonial from Peter Genoway

Use my Editorial Services page to evaluate for yourself, but I can always help you decide by completing a Sample Edit.

Copyediting or line editing involves more work than basic proofreading and will be charged accordingly. Manuscript services are charged per project.

Step two –  For Copyediting or Proofreading – Request a Sample Edit

I consider a manuscript to be any one text over 30,000 words. This includes novellas, novels, pocket books and full magazines.

  1. Sample Edit – send me an example of your text (max 2,500 words) and I’ll complete a FREE a sample edit.  See my Blog post on sample edits where I explain the process in detail.
  2. Return Sample Edit & Quote – I will return 2 copies of the sample to you, a clean copy and an markup copy, along with a project quote based on estimated duration of the project.

The Sample Edit should give you an excellent idea of how I work, my editing style, so you can decide if my style is a good fit for you. The Sample Edit will also give me a good idea of how you work, how much work will be involved, how long it will take and therefore, how much to charge.

No quotes will be issued for manuscripts without completing a Sample Edit.

If you choose to accept the quote and request my services, a 50% deposit will be required and should be paid before work starts. We’ll also sign a basic contract, so we’re in absolute agreement on terms.


Step two – For a Beta Read – just get in touch!


Step three – Accept the quote!

If you accept my quote, just let me know and I’ll send you a contract and an invoice for payment of the deposit. Paying the deposit reserves the time in my diary.

As soon as that’s paid, send me your manuscript!



How it’s done

Copyediting and proofreading services are most commonly undertaken on Word documents, which is the industry standard. I will markup using the Track Changes function.

I can edit PDFs, using the Comments and Markup functions, but this can be unwieldy and confusing for review, and recommended for proofreading only. Word is the preferred format for copyediting.

If you have text in another format, please get in touch to discuss. I can reformat to Word if required.


As always, you’re the author and final acceptance of any changes is up to you.


If you’d like more detail, see my blog post What happens during an edit, which gives more detail on my process.


Beta reads can be in whatever format you like – as long as it’s able to be read! Onscreen or hardcopy both work fine.


During the copy editing or proofreading process

During the edit I might contact you with questions or queries, which can be done by email, phone or text message. I’ll contact you if I think your book needs more work than the original quote, or if I recommend any structural edits. I may ask you to clear up an ambiguity, or find out more information to fill in a blank spot.



Check out my Editorial Services page, or Contact Me to discuss your specific requirements. My Testimonials will let you know what my clients think.