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Copyediting and proofreading services for businesses from 33 South Textworks, based in Helensburgh, Scotland.


Are your documents important to you or your business? 

Then they deserve a professional edit.


The documents you send to your clients and prospective clients say more about you than you ever can.

They’re what your clients look at, hold, and study – they should be as professional as you are.

Everyone makes mistakes. All it takes is a few words that can be misread horribly, amusingly, or horribly amusingly, and you’ll get spread all over social media (and not for the reason you want) – or all over the floor of a courtroom (with a legal decision against you).

Your documents ARE you when you’re not in the room. They are important to your reputation – proving your professionalism, building client trust, and affirming you know what you’re talking about.

Your documents are the lasting impression your clients have of you and your business.

Don’t let them contain typos, bad grammar, incongruities, ambiguity, or anything that will damage your professional credibility.


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Copyediting for Business/Business writers

First, check out my Editorial Services and see what I can provide for you.

I’ve spent much of my working life on business documentation, and in the past I’ve worked on documents for the following industries:

  • Financial services, incl. banking
  • Medical / aesthetic clinic
  • Science / Academic
  • Publishing – fiction & non-fiction
  • Training – all kinds of subjects from Accounting to IT.

I can edit your newsletters, social media posts, website pages, client documents, training materials, mailshots – anything that has text. Obviously, you know your business better than I, so this is editing only – you write a draft, I’ll finalise it.

I will make your documentation readable and clear for your intended audience – whether they have background industry knowledge or be a complete novice to your offering.

Best of all, my editing services for business are multi-industry – I don’t need to know your business to edit your documentation. In fact, it’s actually better if I don’t!  Viewing your text with completely new eyes is a benefit – I’ll be a customer who needs your services but has no detailed knowledge.


Words have power.


I can also build your business a Style Sheet, to be used for ALL your text. It will bring consistency to everything your company puts out there, whether it be white paper, article, sales docs, training docs, or even social media posts.

Read more about Style Sheets for Business

As most business documents are usually already to a fairly good standard, I will only need to see a small sample of text before providing a quote.

Business documents are charged at an hourly rate, depending on the amount of work involved. Or, you can book me on retainer, so many hours per week for a fixed rate per week.



Copywriting for business

I can also help to produce your marketing copy, blog posts, White Papers, or web pages.

Text will follow your chosen Style and format. SEO keywords can be added if required.



Let’s have a chat about your business, your budget, your clients, and your documents.





An amazing testimonial from Sarmad Naim, Associate Director at IQ-EQ – (view the original on my LinkedIn profile)

Testimonial from Sarmad Naim

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