Copyediting is an in-depth review of the text – line by line, sentence by sentence – searching for and correcting:

  • grammar,
  • consistency,
  • style,
  • spelling,
  • tense,
  • point of view,
  • and more.

A copyedit will also improve the flow, improve the readability, and highlight any inconsistencies or ambiguities.

The goal is to produce a seamless, correct, concise, and question-free read that flows, engages and satisfies the reader.

So, as well as correcting spelling and grammar:

  • I’ll let you know about any plot holes or sentences that are unclear in meaning (suggesting alternate wording where possible).
  • I’ll check facts and highlight any possible legal issues.
  • I might suggest moving sections of text around to improve the flow.
  • I will ask for more on anything I find ambiguous.
  • I’ll tell you if your character has suddenly changed hair colour, or if you’ve skipped a day in your timeline.

A copyedit is a collaborative process, where we are both responsible to our ultimate boss – the reader.

I can guarantee that at the end of the process, you will recognise your work and your style. I will not change your work or remove your ‘voice’.

How’s it done?

I wrote a blog post to tell you!

And I wrote another one to tell you how your manuscript should be formatted for copyediting!

What will you receive after the edit?

I return two copies of the work: a Clean copy that shows only comments, and a Markup copy which will show every change made to the original.  You can accept or reject these changes, as you like. 

I also build you a Style Sheet while I’m editing (if you don’t already have one), and return it with your manuscript.

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For businesses, I can help translate your technical text into something suitable for those without your extensive knowledge. See my BUSINESS page for specifics.