Call for Submissions: Bayou Wolf Press

June 12th, 2020 by Jane Turner

Bayou Wolf Press is calling for submissions!

Check out their website or Twitter.

As their site says:

Bayou Wolf Press was built out of a mixture of hard work, frustration, hope, rejection, passion, Count of Monte Cristo-style revenge fantasies, and too many Cadbury Mini Eggs.

We’re starting out as each other’s editors and publishing team, because we have the experience and the talent between us, but we will also slowly expand to find others who similarly have the goods and the work ethic but just need someone to take a chance on them.

If this is your first draft of your first completed manuscript, we probably aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

If this is your fourth or fifth book and you’ve done workshops and critique partners and gotten almost there with a publisher or an agent and no matter what you’re going to keep writing but it would just feel damn good to have one person in your corner saying they believe in you… Hi. Let’s talk.

And if you want me to look over your ten-page submission, do get in touch.

Bless their cotton socks!

Sometimes I wish I wrote stories…

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