Book Review: The Crow Folk by Mark Stay

February 7th, 2021 by Jane Turner

This review of The Crow Folk by Mark Stay comes courtesy of a blog tour organised by Random Things. The Crow Folk was published on 4 February 2021 by Simon & Schuster UK.


Blurb:Cover Art for The Crow Folk

War rages in Europe. But in a quiet village in rural Kent, there’s another battle to be won . . .

Faye Bright always felt a little bit different. And today she’s found out why. She’s just stumbled across her late mother’s diary which includes not only a spiffing recipe for jam roly-poly, but spells, incantations, runes and recitations… A witch’s notebook.

And Faye has inherited her mother’s abilities.

Just in time, too. The Crow Folk are coming. Led by the charismatic Pumpkinhead, their strange magic threatens Faye and the villagers.

Armed with little more than her mum’s words, her trusty bicycle, the grudging help of two bickering old ladies, and some aggressive church bellringing, Faye will find herself on the front lines of a war nobody expected.



My thoughts:

I loved this! 

Yes, this review of The Crow Folk is a glowing one. And it’s so damn easy – because, as far as I’m concerned, this is pretty much a perfect book.

Relatable characters, witty dialogue, a wonderful premise, magical creatures, unknown histories, and insights into the the rarely discussed art of bell-ringing. 

The Crow Folk has so much to recommend it!

Mark Stay takes us to a wee village in Kent, in 1940. A village populated by the usual smattering of eccentric locals, proud of their village and it’s history (the church and pub were built in the 1300s, don’t you know). And, given the wartime backdrop, Woodville is complete with it’s own version of Dad’s Army with all its comedic connotations. “Put that light out!” 🙂 

Yet there’s also those few who arouse suspicion, that strange couple of ladies thought to be witches – though, of course, the villagers would never dare suggest it to their faces. And those ladies are about to have a reckoning, as a horror of old returns…

I was giggling and rooting for Faye (who’s very much like me, actually 🙂 ). 

This one is a rollocking knees-up of a book – one that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. And you’ll join me in the wait for Book 2.

Well done, Mr Stay!


Rating: 5/5


About the author:Author, Mark Stay

Mark Stay co-wrote the screenplay for Robot Overlords which became a movie with Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, and premiered at the 58th London Film Festival. He is co-presenter of the Bestseller Experiment podcast and has worked in bookselling and publishing for over twenty-five years.

Mark lives in Kent, England, with his family and a trio of retired chickens. He blogs and humblebrags over at markstaywrites.com.

Praise for THE CROW FOLK:
‘A story that is full of magic and delight that will thrill readers of any age’ – Rowan Coleman, author of The Girl at the Window

‘Stay has brewed a cracking blend of charm and creepiness in The Crow Folk. A rip-roaring tale of bravery and witchcraft on the wartime home front, expertly told with lashings of wit and warmth’ – Pernille Hughes, author of Probably the Best Kiss in the World

‘Warm, witty, witchy wartime fun. With Mark Stay as writer you’re always guaranteed a magical read’ – Julie Wassmer, author of the Whitstable Pearl Mysteries

‘You’ll love it: Doctor Who meets Worzel Gummidge’ -Lorna Cook, author of The Forgotten Village

‘A jolly romp with witches, demons, and bell ringing. Pratchett fans will enjoy this, and Faye is a feisty and fun hero. Dad’s Army meets Witches of Eastwick’ – Ian W Sainsbury



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