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Truly a Godsend! Jane took my entertaining but mediocre manuscript and did wonders with it. I am a story teller, not a writer. Jane made my work that of a seasoned author.

If you truly want your baby (book) in good hands…you cannot go wrong with Jane.

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Jamar King – Author


I found her style clear and easy to follow; extremely professional and efficient. She pointed out inconsistencies in my work so that I could correct them, and her input and suggestions allowed me to improve – I felt she was someone I could work with, rather than feeling defensive about changes.

[It] was refreshing, to find an editor willing to listen and discuss something, instead of dictating how it should be.

I have no hesitation in recommending her editing services to other authors.

Jennie Laine Rylan – Author


The ability to correct spelling and grammar is one thing, but Jane is also adept at improving the flow, clarity and impact of your writing.

She is prompt, perceptive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Peter Genoway – Award winning Author and Screenwriter


Author? I can help!




Jane is a thoughtful and thorough editor. She brings dimensional thinking to her editorial comments, providing options and suggestions for revisions that refine the text and enhance an author’s intentions. She is meticulous with individual grammatical corrections while keeping a macro view of a manuscript’s integrity and goals. I can highly and unreservedly recommend her! 

Tim Young – Director, Global Marketing Content, Intralinks


Jane helped me in drafting numerous documents of various lengths over the last many years. Some of these documents were very technical in nature and thus were challenging to write as they required a fine balance between technical information and ease of readability for the users.

Jane did an amazing job in ensuring that balance was maintained and produced some easy to read documents which retained their technical depth but were still easy for users to understand and act upon. This is a skill which I feel is generally rare and was handled very well by Jane.

Sarmad Naim – Director, Regulatory, IQ-EQ


I was consulting on a acquisition integration and Jane offered to look over my documents. She suggested changes which improved phrasing, output and fit with the culture of the combined organisation. Jane proved to be an invaluable ‘go to’ resource, one I heartily recommend, and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Jon Hodge – Director and Senior Consultant, Hodge Consulting Ltd


Her can-do attitude allows her to truly support those she works for, and her organisational skills are top notch. Her grammatical and editing knowledge greatly assisted various departments, providing clear and engaging output for both technical and client documents. I … wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Ian Kelly – Successful CEO, COO, CFO, MD


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